Norden Child Protection

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In 2014-2015, Estonian Advice Centre is implementing the project "Improving capacity of civil society organisations in the field of child protection".

The overall objective of the project is the improved ability of Estonian, Finnish and Russian NGOs active in the field of child protection and improving the well-being of children in each country to handle, manage and solve related cross-border cases. 'For this purpose, 5 activities will be implemented in the framework of Project: 1. Comparative analysis, 2. Practical handbook, 3. Action plan, 4. Training courses, 5. Electronic solution.

The activities take place in 3 countries - Estonia, Finland, Russia.

The Project includes 3 partners - Estonian Advice Centre (Estonia), Finnish Association of Abducted Children (Finland), Children - Our Future (Russia).

The Project is financed from the Nordic Council of Ministers´ Support Program for Non-Governmental Organisations in the Baltic Sea Region.


The results:

3 analyses have been prepared on the current situation and needs for improvement in the management of cross-border child protection cases. Click here for Estonian, Finnish and Russian report.