Help to specialists

A cross-border child protection case (hereinafter Case) is managed by the child protection worker of the child’s habitual residence. The child’s habitual residence and the registered place of residence of the family do not necessarily coincide, and therefore information about a cross-border case is also needed by the local municipality (including in another country) of the registered place of residence of the child or the child’s parent(s). The country that requests information about the child or the family generally arranges translation.

What information may I ask from and must provide to a child protection worker of another country?

  • the name and date of birth of the child
  • the names and dates of birth of the parents
  • contact information of the parents and persons concerned
  • population register data (right of custody and place of residence according to the population register)
  •  brief summary of the situation
  • what information do I need
  • contact information of the applicant and/or respondent (incl. the name of the authority, postal address, e-mail address, telephone and fax number)

NB! Estonian personal ID codes and digital signatures are not effective outside Estonia!