Cross-border child protection

For over ten years already citizens of Estonia have been having a possibility of exercising the right of free movement in Europe and choose the most suitable place to live and work. This has certainly brought along positive effects, however there are problems as well. When moving from one country to another without taking into consideration the child protection aspects in the country of new residence, a family can have a different interpretation of matters of welfare of their children. At the same time children have the right to be protected against any abuse, abuse and neglect. Furthermore, the children have the right to be protected against separation from their families, unless it competent authorities decide that such separation is unavoidable and is in the best interests of the child. Every child has the right to safety and care. In complex situations children need unconditional protection and their families and persons close to them need appropriate counselling. Cross-border child protection work involves cases where a child in need or one of the parents comes from, has resided or is still residing in another country.